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Dr. Bojan Božić

CeADAR Research Fellow
Phone: 0851999423
Dr. Bojan Božić is a researcher in computer science at Dublin Institute of Technology and has worked on Semantic Web, Machine Learning, and Data Science technologies for 7 years. He was a software engineer in Speech Recognition at Philips Speech Recognition Systems, a Scientist at the Austrian Institute of Technology and a Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland and University of Vienna. At AIT's Safety and Security department, he worked in leading roles in European research projects such as SANY (Sensor Web Enablement), TaToo (Tagging Tools for Semantic Discovery), Europeana Creative (Cultural Inheritage), PELAGIOS (Linked Data), and C2-SENSE (Sensor Web and Interoperability). At Trinity College he worked on the ALIGNED project, modelling data and software engineering processes through ontologies and annotations for the Dacura platform. He joined CeADAR and the Dublin Institute of Technology to commence research in Data Science and approach innovation and collaboration opportunities in new projects.