Dr. Luca Longo

Dr. Luca Longo is currently lecturer in the School of Computing at DIT and MSc thesis coordinator. His research interests are in argumentation theory (AT), defeasible reasoning (DR) applied  in knowledge representation (KR) and decision-making (DM) as well as Machine Learning. Specifically, domains of application include human-computer interaction (HCI), human mental workload (MWL) and health-care (HC). Luca owns a bachelor and a master with honours and distinction in computer science (Italy), a post-graduate diploma in statistics, a master with distinction in health informatics and a Ph.D. awarded at Trinity College Dublin as well as a postgraduate diploma in learning at teaching awarded at Dublin Institute of Technology. Luca is actively involved in Mental Workload modeling, with application in Human-Computer Interaction, Education, Assistive Technology and Health-care systems.


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