DIT lecturers at the PEERE COST action in athens working on new peer-review models

Dr. Luca Longo, Dr. Pierpaolo Dondio and Dr. John Kelleher from the school of Computing, at Dublin Institute of Technology are attending and actively participating in the COST action PEERE on new frontiers on peer-review in Athens, Greece.DIT_in_athens


About luca

Luca Longo is currently assistant lecturer in the School of Computing at DIT. His research interests are in argumentation theory (AT) and defeasible reasoning (DR) applied in knowledge representation (KR) and decision-making (DM). Specifically, domains of application include human-computer interaction (HCI), human mental workload (MWL) and health-care (HC). Luca owns a bachelor and a master with honour and distinction in computer science (Italy), a post-graduate diploma in statistics, a master with distinction in health informatics and a phd in Artificial Intelligence at Trinity College Dublin.

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