Seminar Series: Text Analytics

On Tuesday the 9th of December 2014 , as part of the AIRC/School of Computing research seminar series, Dr. Sarah Jane Delay gave a seminar on Text Analytics.

Abstract: Text Analytics is the process of extracting actionable insight from collections of textual documents which are characterised by their unstructured nature. Ever increasing sources of such unstructured information include the web, biological databases, news articles, emails, social networking sites, reviews, etc. This talk will give an introduction to what is involved in text analytics with a look at some of the applications.

About luca

Luca Longo is currently assistant lecturer in the School of Computing at DIT. His research interests are in argumentation theory (AT) and defeasible reasoning (DR) applied in knowledge representation (KR) and decision-making (DM). Specifically, domains of application include human-computer interaction (HCI), human mental workload (MWL) and health-care (HC). Luca owns a bachelor and a master with honour and distinction in computer science (Italy), a post-graduate diploma in statistics, a master with distinction in health informatics and a phd in Artificial Intelligence at Trinity College Dublin.

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