Seminar Series: How to Always win your Arguments: a quick Introduction to Abstract Argumentation Semantics, Extensions and Applications

On Tuesday 15th October, as part of the AIRC/School of Computing research seminar series, Dr Pierpaolo Dondio presented an excellent talk on Abstract Argumentation Semantics.

Abstract: Argumentation theory is a multi-disciplinary field studying how arguments are built and valid conclusions are reached. Abstract argumentation frameworks were introduced at the end of the 90s to analyze properties of feasible arguments, i.e. arguments whose validity can be disputed by other conflicting arguments. Today abstract argumentation is a fast growing field of research in multi-agent systems, reasoning models and conflict resolutions.

The talk will introduce the concept of abstract argumentation framework and its extensions, presenting the most important semantics introduced to assign acceptability status to arguments. The talk will then focus on the open challenges in the fields, in particular the quest for a numerical argumentation semantics and uncertainty management in argumentation.

The talk will end presenting applications to the fields of multi-agent systems, probabilistic knowledge bases and decision support systems.

Seminar slides are available here.